Or the stories of how women become the frontliners in the fight for their communities

The view from Fatu Nausus, the sacred rock in Mollo. by Leo Plunkett for The Gecko Project/Mongabay.

The people of Mollo, East Nusa Tenggara, has a saying that goes:

Oel nam nes on na, nasi nam nes on nak nafu, naijan nam nes on sisi, fatu nam nes on nuif: “Water is blood, forest is hair, soil is flesh, stone is bone.”

Indonesia is standing at a very important juncture of environmental protection. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, massive protest have erupted in Jakarta on October 2020. …

Anyone who says otherwise is lying.

This is me if i have a pencil, luckily i don’t. Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

I want to write so bad. I want to be recognized as a writer, i want to not have a writer’s block. I want to feel that i am creative, that i can weave stories out of thin air and create a world full of stories from the movements of my hands.

Whether it is a mental block or a lack of experience and skills, too often i feel like i can’t finish even one small piece of writings out of my 20-plus drafts that are just sitting there.

If i could put a…

Lampu kota hingar-bingar berpendar

Tiba-tiba kau merasakan rasa yang tidak pernah kau sadari tapi selalu ada
Tanpa kau sadari, rasa tersebut ternyata sudah melekat menjadi bagian dirimu sejak lama.

Lalu, seperti angin yang menyelinap di malam hari, harapan yang datang bersama rasa tersebut hilang, digantikan oleh rasa bersalah dan tidak berdaya.

Yang terasa begitu dekat dan selalu ada, pergi
Diganti rasa kosong yang kemudian kau coba isi dengan kenangan dan segala rasa yang mengikutinya.

Lampu kota sekarang menghilang
malam kembali tenang
Sebentar lagi kesadaranku akan tersebar
menghilang ke satu arah dan segala arah, menuju ujung alam semesta
Lalu kembali mengikuti bulan yang bersembunyi dibalik langit hitam.

How an unseen enemy tears apart the education sector

Photo by Jeffrey Hamilton on Unsplash

In the midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Indonesia, President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) calls for Indonesians to “work from home, study from home, and pray from home.”[1] This policy effectively sends Indonesia’s 68 and 3,2 million students and teachers into their home. [2] It signals the start of the distance learning policy or PJJ as the Ministry of Education calls it. However, in its implementation, distance learning in Indonesia largely ignores the educational disparity between urban-rural areas in Indonesia. …

What I learn from reading one of the most important studies of loneliness

Photo by Fabrizio Verrecchia on Unsplash

Loneliness is a close friend to each and everyone of us, a familiar experience in every step of our live. For some, it can be a sudden, transient burst of nauseating feelings that rises from your gut while you were sitting alone on a train ride home. For others, it is an ever-present, omnipotent shadow of a voice, whispering self-destructive catchphrases at each social encounters with strangers and even friends. Everyone has felt lonely at some point in their lives yet it affect us in a thousand different ways depending on our current state of emotional being.

All of us…

Menuju Pagi

Nanti kau bisa tentukan sendiri kemana kau akan pergi, tahu usai tahu awal.

Tapi nanti terdengar begitu jauh, dan kini terasa sangat lama.

Kau terjebak antara yang ada dan yang belum ada.

Berangan untuk sampai di tujuan entah dimana entah kapan.

Kau manusia yang mengisi rongga-rongga kosong dalam waktu.

Waktu hilang waktu terlewat.

Hari ini terasa sangat cepat.

Esok seakan begitu lambat.

Menanti-nanti rindu yang tak diundang.

menafikan rasa yang ditunggu seseorang.

Bodoh, ucapmu dalam hati.

Tapi manusia memang diciptakan tidak sempurna,

Setengah rasa-setengah akal.

Kali ini akal merunduk, rasa merajai.

Kau hanya tunduk, akalmu sedang dikuasai.



Dikuasai rasa yang selama ini tidak kau cermati.

We Are a (Sleep)walking Contradiction

We always live with some degree of it. Problem is, do you realize it?

Photo by Sylas Boesten on Unsplash

I sit in a pretty crowded coffee shop near the corner of the room, opening my laptop to finish some writing i left the day before. I opened my phone to see a message from a friend while sipping a cup of hot latte that’s gone cold since 30 minutes ago. The combination of instrumental jazz music and people conversing serves as a strangely calm background noises.

I stop idling and realize that a couple in the corner of the room…

Learning about ourselves is an arduous and complex process that requires our entire lifetime. It is a constant process of self awareness on our interaction with ourselves and with each other. If learning about ourselves means learning about the glasses in which we view the world then we will learn about the world when we learn about ourselves. Each one of us are steadily becoming more and more reactive, we are merely responding to the stimulus that is given to us at any given moment. We’re similar to a fisherman without the skill to read charts and stars, unable to…

Ari Budi Santosa

Here to give and receive. Writes in Bahasa Indonesia and English.

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